For Readers of Antonio A. Feliz' new book, Becoming Open Souls
by Joel Federman

SAN FRANCISCO, November 5, 2004--I assume you have arrived at this page because you have read my friend Tony Feliz' wonderful and important new book, Becoming Open Souls, and seen references to this website.

Tony's writing speaks truth to the dominant paradigms of our time in ways that remind us of Shakespeare's admonition, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." To use Tony's language, I want to say that I am in complete "agreement" with his message and his meaning, and I "affirm" that I have "experienced the experiences" with him that he recounts in his book.

What makes Tony's vision a "topian" one is this: topia is nothing more or less than what is created when we share the path of becoming open souls. By creating a community of open souls, we begin to reshape and transform the world in a more inclusive, nonviolent, and compassionate way.

I want to share with you some practices and ways of seeing that I hope will amplify your experience of becoming an open soul:

Topian Mantras

Inclusively Envisioning God/Nature
(for more on the idea of inclusive envisioning, click on the link to the left)

Inclusive Envisioning Exercise #1

I am another yourself,

p.s. If you haven't read Becoming Open Souls, you can find copies at, or on the publisher's website, Concord Press International.