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topia, n. 1. the ideal made real (derived from utopia).
dd2. worldview based on universal compassion

2004 Donation of the Year

NameAngels.com, a great company that works to "recapture and reunite lost internet domain names with their proper owners, and to capture celebrity names and trademarked terms so they can be brought under the control of rightful owners," has donated the domain name "topia.net" to this project. Many thanks to NameAngels.com.

Dear Friend,

Most internet content is offered free of charge to anyone anywhere in the world, yet it costs time, effort and money to produce it and put it up on the web. Some websites are supported through advertisements or the direct sale of products. Others charge subscriptions for their content. Websites like this one provide the content for free and rely on an "honor system" to support them. Each person accessing the site determines the value to themselves and others of the information and perspectives presented here, and contributes appropriately, according to their ability.

To support this project, please make a donation using Amazon.com's Honor System. This service allows people to make credit or bank debit card payments to support their favorite websites using Amazon.com's secure server. Amazon.com charges a 15% fee (15 cents per dollar) for the convenience of using its service. You choose the dollar amount you wish to contribute. The minimum donation allowable using this method is $1.00 and the maximum donation is $50.00.

Click here or on the icon above to go to the "Politics of Universal Compassion" page at Amazon.com's Honor System

Thank you for your support.