Following are
links to draft excerpts from The Politics of Universal Compassion, by Joel Federman:

Introduction: A "Topian" Worldview
This exerpt introduces the idea of "topia"--those ideas, dreams, visions and people that are helping to realize a more ideal world.
An Allegory
This excerpt tells the allegorical story of a meeting between all the founders of the world's religions, brought together to help humanity face the threat brought by the spread of weapons of mass destruction
Inclusive Envisioning:
A Tool for Conceiving Universal Compassion
How do we understand the world in a way that allows us to pursue a truly universal compassion, advancing the human rights of all people?

Raising Realistic Expectations

This set of exerpts challenges several commonly held assumptions about what is realistic to expect in the area of global social change, including the belief in scarcity (that there are insufficient resources available to satisfy everyone's basic needs), and the belief in the inevitability of violence.
Compassion and the Search for Common Understanding
This excerpt provides some background on already-existing attempts at creating universal understanding and inter-religious dialogue, as well as some of the commonalities among some of the major world religions.